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Geology Class with OES Gifted Education

🌟 Exciting News from Osyka Elementary! 🌟

Hey, Osyka community! We’ve got some fantastic updates from our very own Cathy Wuerzer, an incredibly talented gifted education teacher at Osyka Elementary. Cathy has recently developed an amazing geology unit that has brought the wonders of the Earth right into our classroom!

The unit was a thrilling adventure into the world of rocks and minerals, and it all culminated in a spectacular finale where each student got to crack open their very own geode. Imagine the joy and surprise on their faces as they discovered the hidden crystals inside! 🌍✨

Using magnifying glasses, the students examined their geological treasures, learning about the natural processes that create such beauty over thousands of years. It was a hands-on experience that not only educated but truly captivated our young learners.

A huge shoutout to Cathy for her dedication and creativity in making learning so fun and engaging. Osyka Elementary is lucky to have such passionate educators sparking curiosity and inspiring futures.

Let’s continue to support and celebrate the fantastic work happening in our schools. Go Osyka Eagles!